Culture and perks!

Our perks are part of a casual company culture that inspires our employees to work better wherever they are.

Industry Standard Salary

We don’t want you to work for the pennies. We pay industry standard salary with yearly performance based increment!

Flexible Work Hours

We trust you and work when you feel most productive. But complete the tasks given to you on time 🙂

Learn & work

Full freedom to apply your own thoughts on the projects you handle.

Annual Trip to Sasan Gir
Diwali Brunch
Group Photo


Our traditions involve laughing, learning, and pizzas (Pizzzzaaa)!

We celebrate each team member’s Birthday every year in the office.

Celebrations of your precious moments. Each teammate throws a party every year. It’s mandatory 🙂

We organize one full-day picnic and have fun together away in some another city.

We play Othello, Scotland Yard, Monopoly, and Chess whenever mind feds up!

We take lunch together and like to share knowledge on different topics.

So What are you waiting for? Feel the form below.